v0.2.1 Changelog + 1 Year Anniversary

It's been 1 year since the release of Escape The House Demo. Here's an update to celebrate 1 year .

v0.2.1 Changelog

Known Issues:

  • Missing "Cursor Lock" script on FPS Controller
  • Lighting is too dark
  • Player camera looks different
  • Clipping through walls
  • Pause Menu buttons not working


  • Lighting adjusted
  • Clipping issue fixed
  • Changed player camera
  • Added the Cursor Lock script on FPS Controller
  • Disabled the buttons for now


  • Added new post processing 
  • Added a Tip in the pause menu as a temporary fix.
  • Added a stamina system


  • Removed default FPS Controller by Unity
  • Removed old post processing
  • Removed PSX Effects

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