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Penny and George: Endless Runner game is an endless runner that will make you RAGE quit! 

Play through different stages and earn rewards to unlock new stages.

Different characters will be playable after each release. 


Q: Is Penny and George Endless Runner Game Free?
A: Yes with an option to donate to help support the developer to add more content to the game. 
Q: What are the plans for the game?
A: I want to add more content to the game like more stages, obstacles, add a checkpoint system, achievement system, etc. much more. I want to do it little by little. I'm just a solo dev with a part time job. 
Q: Will this be on Steam?
A: It's a possibility. I do have plans for a possible release for Steam. No release date yet for Penny and George. Once we get information for Steam, we'll post here in a devlog and on Twitter! 
Q: Can I mod this game?
A: Yes for a small one time fee of $5 (There will be a final price after the final product is released). Includes all of the assets and blueprint-ready code. This game will require Unreal Engine Editor 4.25.4. Fonts are not included due to the licensing.  If you are going to mod this game, make sure to add "This mod has been approved by Jon Jon Games Studios, Inc.®."
Q: What will be changed during the development?
A: Some of the assets that were found on the Unreal Market Place or Virtus Learning Hub site that are being tested for testing purposes Only, Those assets will NOT BE IN THE FINAL PRODUCT. 
Q: I'm an experienced Developer, Can I apply to your studio and help you make games?
A: I have been getting a lot of messages from a lot of experienced game developers rn, as of right now, I don't have the budget to hire any experienced game devs rn. Hopefully in near future. 
Q: Do you have any console plans for any of your games?
Q: How much is for the Official Soundtrack Music?
A: One Time Small fee of $1.99. The music will go on sale here and there. but the soundtrack price will have a final price when the final game product  is released.
Q: I'm a voice actor, Can I voice act for your one of your games?
A: As I stated before about the experienced game devs, I don't have the budget to hire any game devs or voice actors at the moment. 

NOTE: I have tested the game applications, they should launch properly. Let me know if any errors occur. 

Morrison Games Studios, Inc.®
StatusOn hold
Release date Jul 07, 2020
AuthorJon Jon Games
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Audacity, Adobe Illustrator, Unreal Engine
TagsEndless, infinite-runner, Runner, Unreal Engine
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

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