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Movie Posters in real life. Most Of the posters replace the Oriental Theater posters, Doppler posters, and the Meltdown poster in Michael's house. There are 2 main folders with readme files.

Grand Theft Auto V/mods/x64j/levels/gta5/-citye/hollywood-01/hw1-02.rpf/

Read the README Files for further info.

Note: Make sure x64j is in your mods folder. GTA5Mods won't let add a underscore in the pathway, just follow the pathway of the download.


If you have any mods that replace the Oriental Theater on Vinewood Blvd, It may conflict
with the posters for the theater in this mod. This mod will work with GTA V Remastered 2.0 and Real California Architecture mod.

The images and logos used are property of their respective owners. No Copyright Infringement intended.

The poster in Michael's house, I referenced the pathway from RealRastax's Spongebob Movie Poster mod. I did not re-use his mod in anyway. I only used the pathway. I modified the ydr in the pathway myself. I used his mod as a reference. If any issues, Contact me through Discord DM: JonJonGamesOfficial4354


Real Life Movie Posters (v2.1).rar 1 MB

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