V0.4b Changelog

What's new in V0.4b?:

* Updated the game icon.

* Never before seen story line the day and after Mark went on his camping trip 

* Updated the game to Unity 2020.3

* The Lost Neighbor is now in beta!

* Scoring System Implemented!

* Jill has been removed from the game due to some AI Glitches.

* Neighbor's stack of logs for his campfire is now interactable

* You can now pick up the gun on the table in the starting location

* Removed the cutscene from the forest scene due to a glitch error (will be put back in after a fix).

* Added Jon Jon Games Official Starter Kit (worth 10 points)

* Traffic Light now flickers yellow (Not a working traffic light.......Yet).

* Fixed AI Animations

* Fixed the Navigation mesh where the AI goes through the building where you first spawn

* Minor Bug fixes

* PlayerPrefs Reset

* Fixed flashlight

* Note/Letter System

* Every time you go to interact with an object/person, the background music will stop until the dialogue stops (Top Request).

* Changed the Post Processing 

* New UI Elements update

* New death ending

* Kari is now available as a NPC!

* Added a story sequence to get more context about the game's story line.

* Added a ending when reaching the shed

* Added a new prop in the starting location!

* Fixed the coins from going in one big circle 

* Added a WindZone for realistic effect 

* Replaced the UniPix font by Unity with Caviar Dreams font


TheLostNeighbor(v0.4b).zip 277 MB
Nov 11, 2021

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