Update Schedule for August/September 2020

Here's the Schedule for the upcoming updates to come in the pre-alpha.

August 2020 Updates:

  • 8/14: v0.2a: Minor Bug Fixes, Minor Improvements, AI Adjustments, New Achievements Implemented in, Post Processing Fix
  • 8/28: v0.3b: Added new character, Added a cutscene, Removed "Jumpscare Zone" in the path when entering the forest when the image still appears, extended timer, pick up/drop items functionality, minor bug fixes.

September 2020 Updates:

  • 9/4: v0.4b: Fixed AI Animation, Player will be able to kill the AI, Scoring System will be implemented, Note/Letter System, fixed flashlight.
  • 9/15: v0.5a: Added a ending cutscene, new character, mini map implemented, bug fixes.
  • 9/26: v0.6b: partial controller support for Xbox One (Beta) Day/Night Cycle, Foggy environment,  minor improvements, bug fixes

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