Update Schedule for Q4 2020

October 2020:

Taking the Month off.

I have a part time job at Dollar Tree and we get busy when the holidays come around the corner. I'm Dollar Tree's Top Employee and It's hard for me to keep up with the development at the same time. Thanks for understanding.

November 2020: 


  • v0.7b: Full Xbox One controller support, Partial PlayStation 4 Controller Support (Beta), Minor bug fixes, major improvements.


  • v0.8a: New Character, Objective System (Beta), Inventory System (Beta), Bug fixes and Minor Adjustments. 

December 2020:

  • 12/10: v0.9a: Third Person Mode (Beta), Player Death Animation when Player hits a certain trigger (Beta), Player Difficulty (Beta), Minor bug fixes, major improvements.
  • 12/23: v1.0b: Full Controller Support for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (No longer in Beta), Minor Bug Fixes.
  • 12/31: v1.1b: New Character, Third Person Mode (No longer in beta), Bug Fixes. 

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